What to Know About Three Phase Transformers

The workings of a three phase transformer are similar to that of a single phase. Here, alternating power supply provided to the windings will create an electromagnetic field in the secondary winding according to the number of secondary turns. A three phase transformer can be a step up or step down transformer.

There are certain benefits in selecting a three phase isolation transformer. You will be dealing with a reduced weight compared to single phase transformers and these also come in smaller sizes. So you don’t need a lot of space in your property to place a three phase transformer which will therefore leave room for other items. When you purchase a three phase transformer, it comes already re-wired so you will not be running into any issues when it comes to installing the transformer. There are certain manufacturers that will carry out the installation process as well. The ratings of a three phase transformer and a single phase transformer are the same. However, a three phase transformer tends to cost less comparatively. There is anyway a price range you will come across for these transformers so you will need to research further into the prices offered by different manufacturers. It is important to select a reputed manufacturer that has the right expertise on the subject.

When it comes to usage, you will find that a three phase transformer is very practical to use. You can distribute larger amount of power to industries and other facilities based on their requirement. The consumption of electricity will not be affected by the three phase transformer therefore, there will be no increase to your electricity bill. The bill actually depends on the wattage of the machines you use. You can enjoy more efficiency with three phase transformers and you don’t need to worry about running out of energy in the middle of factory operations as the transformer will make sure you have a steady supply of electricity. There are fewer materials in a three phase transformer compared to single phase. Conducting materials used are less and this is why the cost is less; you are paying less for less material which is a great way of saving money.

Alternating current is used by single and three phase transformers. There are three peaks and troughs on three conductors when it comes to a three phase system current.  The primary winding of a three phase transformer will generate a magnetic flux using electrical power when attached to a source of electricity. And the output voltage that you require will be provided by the secondary winding. The core of the three phase transformer will be a shell or core type. The core is separated into three limbs in a core type three phase transformer. This is the type that is mostly used. The shell type three phase transformer has five limbs. There are two primary forms when it comes to a three phase transformer configuration. These are star and delta connections.