Living it up in The Hamptons: Why this trend is all the rage

Living it up in The Hamptons: Why this trend is all the rage

Living it up in The Hamptons: Why this trend is all the rage

If you are looking to build your next home then you may have already heard of or seen the Hampton Style homes. This design has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years and has progressed to all corners of the earth as a modern and desirable style of home in most urban areas. But what makes a Hampton Style home and why has it become such a sensation amongst new home builds for Hampton style home builders Melbourne? Here we will look at what constitutes a Hampton Style home and what aspects have made it so desirable to homeowners in recent years.


A Hampton Style home can generally be described as both elegant and sophisticated, while the interior is somewhat laid-back and resonant of coastal living. Think of a sleek, beachfront property, such as those in the Hamptons. This is of course where the design originates from, that stretch of upmarket seaside homes that have popped up along the Hamptons area on New York’s Long Island. These are quite arguably some of the most expensive properties in the United States and their design is reflective of this defining feature.


This design is no longer confined to just this location but has ventured further and throughout the world. In any urban area, you can find modern homes that have a touch of the Hamptons added to their stylish design. This style is quite suited to the Australian beach lifestyle, evidently because of the sleek elegance coupled with the coastal influence of the Hamptons Style.

Who would not want their home to resemble some of the upmarket, seaside properties that have made the Hamptons such a property hotspot for the rich and famous? With large, spacious balconies, marble or stone benchtops, ornate tapware, and other decadent features, it is easy to see why this style has taken off in recent years. The color palette is generally limited to pale blues and soft greys which adds a modern touch to the décor. They combine the modern feel with the timeless elegance that is a Hamptons Style home.


So, if you are looking at renovating or building your next property, a Hamptons Style home may be just the ticket to set yourself up with a modern and classic home. For investment properties, you will find that this design never goes out of style and the classic touches combined with the neutral tones of the home will get your property on the market and ready to sell in no time. These features are desirable to many home buyers and the pricing is generally much higher than the majority of other popular styles on the market. Whether you utilize the style throughout your home or simply added some touches here and there, a Hamptons Style home is something that will never go out of fashion.

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