What Are The Most Common Reasons Why Your Shower Is Leaking?

A leaky shower could be annoying at times because of the constant dripping sound that is nagging you to turn it off. The leak is not only irritating, it is also expensive. You would incur additional expenses not only for your water bill but also for water damage that could cause structural problems because of the rot, rust and mold.

As soon as you notice that your shower head is leaking even if you turn off the faucet, ignore your instinct to tighten the crank because you might not only deal with a leaky shower, you might also end up with a loose faucet crank. Dealing with a leaky shower should start with the cause of the leak. It could be any of the following:

Tile Grout

This issue might be harder to notice because even a tiny hole in your bathroom’s tile grout might lead to water leaks. Your grout might not be something that you think of as long as it is not cracked or moldy but you have to include it in your home’s maintenance. If you have been living in your home for a long time, it might be time for a regrouting. Don’t wait for your shower to leak before you become concerned with your tile grout. The water damage might already be more severe by that time.

Water Supply Leaks

Water supply leaks could be the most common cause of shower leaks but one of the most confusing cause to determine especially if you have no idea how plumbing works. When there are leaks, plumbers usually cut the water supply first to prevent flooding, racking up the water bill, and worsening water damage. No matter how much of a handyman you are, plumbing issues are best left alone with a professional plumber.

You might be saving money or you could not find a trusty plumber or your local plumber could not accommodate you during your free time but doing plumbing repairs by yourself is risky. Sure, a leaking shower can be very annoying and you want it repaired as soon as possible. But if you think determining if your shower leaks because of your water supply connection and you could only prove that by knocking down your bathroom walls to inspect your pipes, you’d have a heftier bill for repairs.

Faulty Faucet

The possibility of shower leaks because of a faulty faucet is likely. Although you must still avoid tightening the crank when you notice that your shower is leaking because if the faucet is not the cause of the leak, it might soon be if you keep on turning your faucet.

It is easy to determine if your faucet is the source of the leak because you have been using the dame faucet every time you take a bath. You would know how many “turns” would make the water stop flowing. If you feel like you have been turning forever, your faucet might already in need of a replacement.

When it comes to plumbing issues, it is recommended that we don’t attempt to resolve it on our own because the problems are mostly complicated.