Things to take note of when buying a house

Purchasing a house is one of the most important investments someone can make. First time buyers make many mistakes, and in the housing market, mistakes can be expensive. There are usually many options to go through and even more things to keep in mind. Most people narrow this down by fixing a budget and going through the houses they can afford. Once you narrow it down to a manageable list of houses, you’ll likely want to visit it to make sure nothing is amiss before you make a decision and commit to the purchase. Ideally visiting a house would help you make an informed decision about its condition, but the reality is that the seller might not be so inclined to have all its flaws on display. It is unlikely that when buying a home, you’d be privy to all of the information about the land or the house, as opposed to building your own home through a trusted contractor such as house builders Brisbane. Keep an eye out for the things listed in this article in order to make your house hunt easy and effective.

Take a look at the neighbourhood. One of the most important things buyers consider when buying a new house is how safe the neighbourhood is. Unfortunately, this is also somewhat difficult to judge just by visiting the house. Many houses on sale in the neighbourhood, however, is worrying and warrants a closer look as to whether there is an economic reason to move out or if the area is unsafe.

Check for rust in the heavy appliances and HVAC systems. Presence of rust is an indicator that the property has not been maintained well. Similarly, check the water pipes, taps, and showers for rust. A musty odour can indicate water damage. Check the walls and ceiling for signs of burst water pipes, stains, or leaking.


Large cracks in the wall are often the result of differential settlement which occurs due to foundation issues. Hairline cracks are usually of no concern but if there are particularly large cracks, it might be time for a closer look. Another indicator of differential settlement is that door and window frames start to look lopsided as the ground settles under them. Additionally, there could be cracks caused by plant roots damaging the foundation or walls.

Poor tiling in the floor and roof. If the gaps or alignment in the floor tiles are uneven, it could be a sign of an unprofessional tiling job and there may be other aspects of the home similarly worked on. Missing or curling roof shingles suggest a similar neglect to the roof.

Finally, smells can indicate a lot of things going on in the house. Musty smells usually indicate water damage or mould which can be toxic. If you smell a lot of air freshener, perfume, or scented candles when you visit the house, it could be that the seller is trying to mask a smell. It might be worth it to take a closer look.