Things To Check When Handing An Apartment To A Client

As a land lord, you would not like your apartment or home to be misused by your tenants no matter how much they are paying you to reside there. When giving an apartment over to a potential lessee, you would need to mark down areas which should be attended to and parts of the house that already have existing damages.

Walls And Floorboards

Make sure that all walls are painted and kept up to standard, keep photographs and records of where the paint seems to be peeling off. If your sectioning is boarded, you would need to make sure that they are free of dry rot and all other wood related diseases. Conducting regular apartment inspections would reveal to you the work that would be needed to be done and whether or not it needs your immediate attention.

Scratches and dry rot forming on hardwood flooring would need to be attended to and duly noted by the land lord. If your entire floor area is carpeted or timed you would need to mark down damages such as stains, discoloring or chips in the case of tiles.

Keeping a detailed list of areas that need repair supported by pictures to prove to what extent the damage was, could greatly help you. Walking through such issues with your potential tenant would reduce the chance of them calling you up to inform you about the matter when they recognize it.

Overall Maintenance

Yes  we all know that it is incredibly important that you keep the fixtures, fittings and appliances are in good condition. However, it is also vital that the areas that surround your house are also maintained and kept in good condition. So to be able to keep your garden looking beautiful, natural and maintained at all times, you may want to consider visiting


Appliances provided by you to your clients would have to be checked before handing them over. Gas cookers, fridges and other electrical appliances which need regular servicing need to be tuned up to date. Maintain a checklist with dates when you last serviced or repaired each item.In case of breakage, this checklist would assist you in finding out whether or not it is due to the tenants’ misuse or because it has overridden its lifetime.


During apartment inspections it would be necessary for you to check all fixtures such as lights; taps etc. Make sure electricity and water bills are paid in advance to ensure that the lessee would not have to suffer the consequences once he or she moves in. make notes of any fittings that may need to be repaired or replaced in the near future. It is also important to make sure the toilet runs as it is supposed to and there are no issues or leaks that the tenants would have to deal with.

As a landlord, using this checklist to guide you through the process before handing your apartment over could keep you updated about how much you would need to spend and as a potential tenant, making note of such issues and informing your landlord would actually make certain that you get your entire security deposit back.