How to Decorate the Entrance of Your House?

The front entrance of the house can be also termed as the face of the house. The presentation can emanate feelings of warmth beauty and cosiness. Decorating it brings not just artistic appearance but also can bring this sense of tranquillity when engaging in it. Change in an environment may even be very uplifting. If you are ready to spend few notes you can transform the front of your house into something picturesque and inviting

Some of the things you can consider are adding greens, tables, benches, a small fountain and many more.

Especially with spring when most spend time outdoors having a place of retreat is convenient and ideal.

Front Porch

The front porch has been present in houses since way back and it’s a great addition to the house. You can create it as a space for both hangouts by placing couches, benches and table and as a reading niche too. The furniture you bring should be something that goes with the theme which you are reaching for. You can place benches and table on one side of the porch and have a hanging chair on the other side of the porch is wide and big enough, if not you can place a couch and use it both a hanging out area and a reading area

The Door

the front door is something that catches the as soon as you enter a house, to have a door that looks appealing to the eye can be created with a touch of paint. Paint the front door to a different colour that looks bright and draws attention like blue or you could go for a neutral colour like grey.

Another detail you can add, which may seem extra but it does make quite the difference is adding a wreath, this little change goes a long way, it is eye-catching and also is very aesthetic.


Awnings are a beautiful addition to the front of the house; you can go for wood awnings or browse around custom awnings Melbourne to get something of your choice. This is not only a decorative element but also serves as protection from the heat and the rain.

Adding Plants

Green makes everything alive and beautiful, so when it comes to decorating the front yard make sure to add a lot of plants. Having a lawn that’s well maintained gives the property a very clean and luxurious look, but if the area is dry and rainfall is sparse you can go for grass appropriate for the climate or you may even opt to create a rocky garden. Make sure to intersperse varieties of plants here and there to complete the look.

Creating A Walkway

Once you got the outline of the walkway you can start paving. There are many paver materials you can choose from; ranging from stones, concrete, brick or clay. Choose something that would go with the overall outlook of the house. You can even add plants like boxwood on either side of the walkway to give that inviting look. Adding small lamps along the paving is also attractive.