6 Bathroom Remodel Tips and Tricks

Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most commonly remodelled by many homeowners. Bathrooms are smaller, making them easier to redecorate compared to other areas in the house. Also, they are one of the most used spaces at home. It is where you get ready for the day and freshen up after a long day out. If you’re planning to update the look of your bathroom, here are some simple tips for a smoother and budget-friendly bathroom remodel.

Go for Freestanding Pieces

If you have enough space in your bathroom, one of the best ways to give it a contemporary look is by adding freestanding pieces such as a bathtub, decorative chair, storage rack and many more. Aside from serving its function, it also adds to the design element of your bathroom. Choose a subtle-looking bathtub for a classy look. We have a variety of designer options available to choose from, you’d definitely find one that suits your bathroom decor theme.

Recess Some Areas

For smaller bathrooms, you can make the most of you space by creating built-in or recessed storage spaces. You can achieve this by creating recessed storage cupboards, soap dishes, toilet holders, or any other storage solutions. You may even go for a streamlined ceiling by installing a recessed light instead.

Choose the Right Flooring

Choosing the right flooring type is important for every bathroom. Pick materials that are durable and can resist high moisture in the bathroom. The most popular options are ceramic and porcelain tile but you may also try out other materials such as vinyl tiles and sheet. These materials don’t absorb water, making them the perfect flooring material for the bathroom.

Add Some Plants

Plants are a natural way of beautifying any space at home including the bathroom. Aside from giving a little bit of life and colour to the bathroom, they also make it look fresher and more relaxing. Almost any plant looks good in bathrooms, whether you’re up for hanging plants, potted ornamentals, or even succulent dishes.

Go for Light Room Colours

Whether you have a small or wide bathroom space, it is always recommended to use a light color palette for this area. It makes the room look neutral, making it easier to mix and match with your bathroom decor. Light colours also make a room look brighter and more spacious; you won’t feel like you’re being trapped in while enjoying your bath.

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Add More Mirrors

Having one mirror is a basic part of every bathroom. You can use it on applying makeup, checking your outfit, and many more functions. However, to make a bathroom look brighter and more spacious, adding a second mirror is a simple trick.

Remodelling a bathroom doesn’t need to be expensive and difficult. With these quick tips, you can definitely achieve the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of. Be creative and try to experiment with other bathroom style ideas to see which one looks best for your bathroom.